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Kara Kennedy

Kelli Easterling

VP of Sales 

Kara Kennedy brings a unique approach to PR and marketing by working one-on-one with clients to help them build and implement a successful PR strategy. Kara also counsels clients about crisis communications and helps them write plans that best fit their particular needs. Kara is very successful in garnering media attention for her clients.  Her clients range from small business owners to nonprofit organizations to politicians to advocacy organizations in the areas of agriculture, entertainment, education, healthcare, law enforcement, law, lifestyle, manufacturing, politics, public policy and tourism. 


She opened her boutique PR firm, Inspired Southerner Public Relations, in August of 2017. Before opening her firm she served as the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Brock School of Business for more than 10 years where she led the team for the re-branding of the school. She also helped Samford University overcome two social media crises.


Kara worked in Washington, D.C. in crisis communications for the American Red Cross National Office, and was living in DC during the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Kara has been trained in incident management communications by FEMA. 


Inspired Southerner Public Relations is a subsidiary of Inspired Southerner, LLC an online magazine.




Kelli Easterling brings a wealth of experience in sales and marketing to Inspired Southerner Public Relations.  She isn't your typical "Salesperson."  She considers her customers, her business partners, and gets more out of the relationship than "making the sale." 


Her philosophy is that "There is extraordinary chemistry that exists in long-term relationships." -Conrad Levinson Author Guerilla Marketing.

When you take care of your business partners, the sales follow. She enjoys providing service and watching her business partners flourish.

Kelli's background is in consumer products and healthcare sales. She has worked on sales and marketing projects with the Pillsbury Company, American Greetings, the Hershey Company and Nabisco. She was the Atlanta Area Sales Manager for Bayer Healthcare for eight years where she led a team of part-time representatives in the Southeast.  Her most recent role was Director of Sales and Customer Success for a startup tech company in Atlanta in the Long Term Care industry.  An industry, in which she has a deep passion for and hopes to help ease the public relations crisis that nursing homes are facing today.

Kelli graduated from Auburn University with a BA in Political Science.  She has been recognized for her work in sales and leadership throughout her career.